Hey there! My name is Guillermo, and when I was younger, I loved to draw. My parents even got me a unique desk so I could draw without hurting my back. But then, I had a rough experience with an art teacher that made me believe that drawing was only for the talented. It’s taken me 20 years to realize that anyone can learn to draw.

A combination of unfortunate and fortunate events led me back to art and drawing. Since I already had a career, I made art just for myself. Without the pressure of making anything for anyone else, I had fun drawing again. Fast forward a few years, and here I am, a freelance illustrator spending most of my day drawing for myself and others.

I'm on a mission

I’m on a mission to eliminate the phrase “I’m just not creative” from the global vocabulary. I want everyone to understand that creativity is like a muscle; the more it’s used and exercised regularly, the stronger it becomes. We all have the power to be creative, and I’m interested in helping those who strongly desire to use visual images to share their stories.

What I believe

-In the power of stories: Stories have the power to teach, entertain, and connect us. Making and sharing stories has the potential to uplift the storyteller and the audience.

-Everyone has a story worth sharing: Because every person is unique and has intrinsic value, every person has a story worth sharing. Sharing that story should be available to anyone regardless of the perceived quality of the work they create, their financial means, or their educational experiences.

-Everyone can and should make: Creating is not limited to the talented, the creative, or the Artists. Everyone can make something, regardless of the perceived quality of what is created. Making brings physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, but few other things can.