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July 5, 2023

Squirrel and Crow

A young Squirrel was busy collecting nuts for the upcoming winter when cornered by a Crow. “Spare me!” begged the frightened Squirrel. “You’re in luck,” the Crow hissed. “I am full of a recent meal and in a sporting mood today.” The Crow, prizing his cleverness over the little animals’ hard work, proposed a contest…

July 4, 2023


What is a Muse? There are a lot of misconceptions about muses and how they function. Chief among them is that muses only visit the incredibly creative and talented among us. Actually, muses are always around us and ready to visit anyone doing creative work. We still don’t know much about these magical, mysterious creatures,…

July 1, 2023

My Super Ex

While Rubey’s toy mostly just annoys, Maddie is there to save the day-again My Super Ex Witchy Adventures of Millicent Mugwort and Nightshade A little bit of H.E.A.R.T & S.O.U.L. Muses Squirrel and Crow

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