Squirrel and Crow

A young Squirrel was busy collecting nuts for the upcoming winter when cornered by a Crow.

“Spare me!” begged the frightened Squirrel.

“You’re in luck,” the Crow hissed. “I am full of a recent meal and in a sporting mood today.”

The Crow, prizing his cleverness over the little animals’ hard work, proposed a contest to the Squirrel. “In 24 hours I shall return to this spot, and we shall both share something we have created. If mine is most clever, I shall eat you on the spot. If yours, I give you my word that I will spare you and let you live your life in peace.”

The Squirrel, having little choice, agreed nervously. With a loud caw, the Crow flew off and began to collect the most exquisite brushes, paints, and markers in the land.

At the appointed time the next day, the Crow returned looking bashful. “Perhaps I was a bit hasty yesterday and 24 hours wasn’t enough time. No matter what I tried, the muse would not visit me last night and I created nothing.”

The Squirrel looked up at the Crow, “I created 4 things since we spoke last, surely that must be enough to spare my life.”

Turning to show the Crow what he had done, “I used one stone I found to scratch a drawing into the side of this rock. I used another stone to create this peaceful pattern in the dirt. I found this soft piece of wood and used a sharp stone to make a carving into the stone. And finally, I found some wild berries, crushed them, and used this fourth stone to make this simple painting.”

The Crow admitted a begrudging defeat and flew away hungry.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike, get started, and let the muse find you working.

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