What is a Muse?

There are a lot of misconceptions about muses and how they function.

Chief among them is that muses only visit the incredibly creative and talented among us. Actually, muses are always around us and ready to visit anyone doing creative work.

We still don’t know much about these magical, mysterious creatures, but we do know this:

  • Muses are always around us, just very well hidden. They are drawn to creative work and creative energy, and they can’t help but show themselves when someone is doing this type of work nearby.

  • They seem to attach themselves to those who make or create regularly. Reports from those who frequently create indicate that muses appear more comfortable and show themselves more often. And they also seem to have amazing memories. Those who have had to take a break from their creative process report muses returning quickly and easily once they were able to get back to work.

  • A few species of muse have been identified, but there is some evidence that there are many undiscovered species out in the wild.

  • There appears to be endless variety in how muses present in colors and patterns, even within the same species.

The MUSE Field Guide

The M.U.S.E. Field Guide is a new initiative started by Dr. M. Syne. She will be periodically publishing pages from her field journal to share her research and discoveries with the public. Her notes from the field and observational sketches help paint a picture of muses should you encounter one in the wild.

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