I like to tell stories

Hi, my name is Guillermo Ubilla, but everyone calls me ‘G’. I’m a photographer and digital artist based out of Charlottesville Virginia.

The kind of stories I like to tell are the visual kind, including stories of people through stylized portrait photography, mixing reality and surrealism with photo manipulations, and video that combine still photos with motion. I consider myself a contemporary photographer and an artist, and am always looking for ways to use new techniques  to help create and deliver the final images. My stories tend to be more fiction than non-fiction, as I think it’s much more fun to create an interesting and unique world and to give you a sneak peak inside.

Drop me a message at g@gxuimages.com, I’m always interesting in hearing about potential projects, possible collaborations, and anyone interested in my work.

Available for commissions or commercial projects.


Contact Info

Email me at g@gxuimages.com


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Retouching and Manipulation

Composite and Digital Art






email: g@gxuimages.com



Based in Charlottesville Virginia

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